About BLGG AgroXpertus

'Junction of agricultural knowledge and reliable analyzes. "


That makes BLGG AgroXpertus an innovative source of information for farmers and gardeners who strive to improve production efficiency and security. BLGG AgroXpertus provides globally end sampling, analysis and information products through its own branches and / or a global network of affiliates.


BLGG AgroXpertus offers its customers:

- View on efficiency improvement, through practical operational advice

- Security through expert analysis and sampling

- Administrative convenience, by working with others and applying innovative techniques


BLGG AgroXpertus focuses on the following areas:

- fertilization

- nutritional

- Soil health

- Crop health


rich history

BLGG AgroXpertus can draw on a rich history of over 80 years. In these years, a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up in the area of sampling, analysis and agronomic advice. A unique baseline to continue individual farmers with information which they can improve production and reduce costs. Every year end 500,000 samples examined and, where possible, and if the customer so wishes, an advice.


Many countries have already BLGG AgroXpertus businesses or partnerships. An international network will be further expanded. BLGG AgroXpertus is one international organization that plays a role in all branches of the agricultural world.


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